Young ‘Musos’ Shine!


Soulful singing, brooding sax, and furiously fast fingers on piano and Guitar are just

some of the searing live performances on offer at the Griffith Musicians’ Club (GMC)

8th Annual Young Musician of the Year Award (YMOTYA) to be held at the Griffith

Regional theatre this Wednesday evening.

“In past years this awards night has proven to be a fantastic nights entertainment

showcasing what the local area has on offer” event organiser Michael Pfitzner states.

This year we will announce our three finalists and ultimately the winner at a function

that will feature live performances by 11 top ranking entrants from the 17 nominees.

Performances on the night are not part of the judging process and have no bearing

on the outcome of the award, however this is ultimately a great opportunity to

showcase the array of young talent that Griffith and the surrounding areas has to

offer as well as announce our winner,” Mr Pfitzner added.

The evening is expected to be well attended by family and friends of the entrants,

music teachers, GMC club members as well as musicians and general public

interested in seeing what up and coming talent is on offer. Performing on the night

will be Mason Graham, Lara Camm, Kerri-Anne Wood, Ted Jones, Francesca Smith,

Max Jones, Emma Zanotto, Rachel Warren, Jared Bianchini, Jasmine Boyland and

Elena Tururnen.

“Judging this year has been exceptionally tough with so many of the applicants being

high achievers with a strong list of performances and backed up by some really good

video evidence. If the quality of the submissions are anything to go by then

Wednesday evening’s awards night will be spectacular providing something for


“We recognise that there are limited opportunities for young musicians to perform

live and know that by staging this event we are giving these talented kids a chance

to show their wares to their peers. GMC members are heavily involved in the night,

coordinating the sound, light and stage. It really is a case of our established ‘musos’

nurturing the new guard. We really get a kick out of staging this event and are blown

away by the talent on hand” said Pat Sergi GMC President.

“The Burley Griffin room has proven to be an excellent venue for the evening

providing a great atmosphere and could easily been mistaken for an inner city music

venue. The function no doubt adds prestige to the Award and is a unique to this

area. I don’t know of anywhere else in regional Australia that recognises the high

achieving young musicians in this way.” Mr Sergi goes on to say.

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